A month without Android

In this pandemic situation, everybody is stuck at home. If you lose your android, that was the only partner during the lockdown. How unlucky you are!

Honestly speaking! On the occasion of Defense Day, 6th September 2020, my android drowned in water.  It was a month without android. My breath had vanquished. I was in shock and heartbroken.  

When your lover betrays you and you feel heartbroken. It’s the same feeling with much lesser pain than mine at that time.

It’s quite funny and a fact that when you lose your android or do not have one. You will sleep on time, have breakfast, lunch dinner on a proper schedule.

From that day, I was living without any mental pressure and tension. I could not sleep overnights. So my parents were saying, “Now, you can complete your sleep”.

I was laughing and saying, “Yes, Dad! I am following your instructions now”. You can not believe how my health improved, and my dark circles were gone. LOL!

I was sleeping on time. Also, I was praying regularly. I became a tensionless person in the whole world.

There is a fact that when you are using android, you are in a separate world. Nobody cares for anybody. 

When you have an android in your hand, then you sit apart from family members. You lose the characteristic of love, care, and affection. We forgot the meaning of Kindness, like who cares…!

The defect of the young generation is that they had lost their traditions, culture, and self-confidence. They are now so weak that they cannot bear a pierce of the needle. 

Putting in a nutshell. We, youngsters, had been drowned in the world of Android phones. We have to change this behavior for a better future.

Author: Rtr. Habib Sultan

Club: Rotaract Club of UAF, Pakistan. 

RID#: 3272


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