The meaning of life is a very subjective topic, to begin with. Our experiences and growth empower us with knowledge and wisdom to choose the kind of life we want to lead forward or decide independently what we would like to believe.

The ultimate reason has always been peace. Success is just like the moment when you are about to touch the finishing line of the race where you almost are sure that at the end of the line there is peace and harmony, but as you move your head to the other side you see other contestants with a millisecond difference to yours and that’s when the insecurities start to pop up and you ask yourself the question, “Will success lead to happiness?” 

The answer always remains that we aren’t sure of it. Or there isn’t anybody guaranteeing you with that. You can console your soul believing that your good deeds will lead you to heaven but are you sure that a heaven is a happy place?

You are doomed if it’s not. You need your set of dopamine release to make you feel happy and for that; you need a body for your soul to enjoy that feeling of happiness.

All in all, this race of life demands you to have inner peace while you are marching towards success, not the other way around.

Author – Rtr Devashree Hazarika

Club – Rotaract Club of Guwahati East

RID – 3240

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