Why schools must have a counselor?

Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone.


If friends are to fun, if teachers are to teach, if parents are to pamper, then counselors are to contact. 

Every educational institution requires a counselor so that the personal and emotional developments of a student are strongly looked after. 

Many personal and family issues cannot be discussed with the peer group or with the family members. The students need some outsiders, yet close and well known to them to discuss such sensitive issues. 

A teacher can be our perfect guide. But a counselor takes a separate course on guidance and counseling. He or she can be more effective and fruitful. 

Consulting a counselor doesn’t mean, that person has some issues with his or her mental condition. Because that’s the stereotypical notion of our society. Visiting a counselor can mean a lot of trivial issue. That needs special attention and care. 

But being a counselor, they need to abide by some guidelines or in soft words, certain promises. 

Once, in my college, a counseling session was held. Where a girl shared her family problems with the counselor. He reported that to Sister (our Principal). So that was bad and disheartening. 

I believe, whenever a student shares anything with a counselor. It should be kept as a secret. Moreover, proper advice and suggestions should be given. 

From that day onwards, we all hardly became enthusiastic about such counseling sessions. Because we were afraid. Our personal issues might become a public affair to nurture and discuss over. 

So being a counselor, the deal of keeping the words to oneself is of utmost importance.

Often the students have a lot to say, but there is a lack of listeners. The students cannot approach their parents because they are afraid to do so. Their peer group will also create another issue. 

Teachers are busy with their restricted jobs. So, there should be a room for a friend cum advisor, the counselors. 

A counselor can not only be beneficial for socio-emotional development or assistance. But also in the academic area also. 

Academic counselors are often appointed by the schools to guide the students as well as the parents. They help students to choose a subject or a stream over the other. It is also a very beneficial area because prior guidance is essential for opting for any discipline. 


The young adults or pre-teens or teenagers are very prone to committing huge blunders. That is often beyond any repair.

Whenever the children of this age group face any dilemma or confusion, they should consult the counselors. They might get something beneficial to eradicate any mistake. 


Moreover, the counselors should also be very polite and student-friendly to catch any suffering aspect of a student. They should have strong will power. Also, a strong mind to grasp the ache of any young mind.

A counselor is like a candle in a person’s life.

Author: Sharmistha Dey

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