The question arises, what is STRESS? Is it just a feeling? or is it more than that? I think it is more than just a feeling. It is pain. It is depression. It is like a continuous battle within yourself. In terms of Biology, it is emotional or physical tension. 

Stress a continuous battle within you

A lot of factors contribute to stress or depression like a friendship or relationship breakup, toxic people, bullying, financial problems, workplace problems, etc.


Stress can be more harmful than you think because it destroys your inner peace and makes you lose hope, faith, and trust. In that situation, you do not know what to do, where to go. It is the worst feeling in the whole world. 

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say, “My tooth is aching” than to say, “My heart is broken.”

The thing is how you can deal with stress, anxiety, or depression. First of all, never bottle up such feelings. So, talk about your problems with friends, parents, or a consultant. Do not try to hide your pain. Do allow yourself to cry it out. Because bottling it up can be harmful to your health. 

Second, you should never suppress your thoughts or emotions. Because it’s terrible. The more you try to eliminate such thoughts from your mind, the more powerful they become. So try to face and overcome your fears and emotions. 

Stress - How to avoid stress

Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle: meditate, exercise daily, get enough sleep because a healthy lifestyle helps you reduce your stress and improves your health. 

You need to understand that this life is temporary, and there is a proper time for everything in life. So do not stress yourself too much. Your mental health is more important than anything else in the world. Be gentle with yourself. 

If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year, and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come. 

Author: Wania Shoaib 

Club: Rotaract Club of BZU, Multan 



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