Say no to Rape & Brutality

Rape … the word which became very common nowadays. Our society never used this word commonly, especially in front of children and teenagers. Because the adults used to think that using these words in front of children wouldn’t be a good impact on them.


Being a child of this society, I was never aware of this word. But when I grew up. I randomly hear this word from someone, and I was curious about what it is. But as soon as I came to know the actual meaning of this. I got afraid, that a lot of women and children got rape. So I never used this word in front of anyone and always thought that we shouldn’t talk about this just like our parents and elders never did to us. 


In my life, I always face the things from which I’m afraid a lot. Even if I’m scared of anything. Still, I will go for the thing just to put an end to my fear. Till now, I have faced a lot of my fears. But whenever I hear any rape case, I got scared and sad.


I know there are a lot of crimes in our country which are committed daily, but hearing any rape case makes me so sad. Maybe just because sometimes I think that this could happen to me or my sister, my friend, or with any women at any time. But never I thought of raising my voice or to discuss against any rape case. I thought never I will do this.


But the recent rape cases, that took place in our country made me think a lot. I was too sad and just couldn’t let this thing out of my mind. If I was suffering a lot, then how would be the condition of the women who became the victim of those rapists.


I thought I shouldn’t keep quiet now. At least, I could raise my voice on social media. And the one who remains silent on any brutality became the one of them who is merciless.


And then, I noticed the behavior of people on this incident. That what people think of this actually and what are their vision. That includes our students, who are mature enough that they could understand this a lot, whether they are boys or girls.


Many people raised their voice on social media, which was quite satisfying. Still, there are many young people including the male. They think that this not a women issue only, but this is a crime. We all have to raise our voices against crimes.


But I observed that there are still those people who think that if we girls raise our voice against these rape cases, we are feminists. Or if we men will raise our voices, then it would be considered, that we are going against ourselves (men).


Some men in my contact list always raise their voice against any country issue on their every social media account. They spread these messages. But when any rape case arrives. They are quiet, which is quite shocking for me. I thought those were the men who always raised their voices against any crime or any injustice.


But I guess these educated men and people still need to be educated about this issue. They need to be aware that we are raising our voice against “Rapists” and not against “Men”.


We never raised this voice that “All men are the same”. A lot of men were even taunting women who were raising voices against rapists in the right way. If these men can’t raise their voices, then they should be kept quiet because this is our right to speak against rapists, to demand a safe country for women and children. 


I guess now the time has come when parents have to discuss with their children about each and everything that what actually rape is, which kind of people we need to be careful with, and how to protect ourselves from these rapists. They also need to educate children.


Especially, their boys how to respect women, and raising voice against rapists will not make them small and will not affect their manhood.


The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people but because the silence of good people ___ Napoleon Bonaparte


Author: Rtr.Noor Ul Ain

Club: Rotaract Club of UAF

RID: 3272

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