International Day of Equal Pay
Today, the 18th of September is celebrated as International Day of Equal Pay Day. Everyone knows that in the majority of workplaces, women are not being given their full pay rights. Women are considered as foolish or incapable of a big number of working men. Women are mostly not given lead roles in companies, offices, or at many other places because they are considered less intellectual. As a result, most of the women do not get a chance to prove themselves. 

Some companies do not even offer women a position in office greater than their secretary. While some other people offer women higher paid jobs with extra perks to get sexual pleasure from them. A big number of women face sexual harassment at work. Harassment at work is common even in developed countries.

Many women leave their jobs due to the harassment that they face at the job. Some women are discouraged to work by highlighting the problems they will face at work like harassment and inequality. Some people simply do not want women to play their role in the making of society and then expect to live without their society facing any kind of problem. 

How can we live peacefully if we stand in the way of other peoples rights? Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said;No nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with the men. No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. Men must understand that women are also a

member a part of society and they play a very important role in building up a society. 

We are doing nothing but standing in the way of women of our respective societies. We must understand that women also deserve the pay that they are working hard for. Our society will struggle continuously if both the men and women of our society do not get proper education,

personal grooming, and professional grooming opportunities. 

Our world can never become a better place from people standing in the way of other peoples rights. If we cannot give people their well-deserved rights, if we chose to oppress people every day, everywhere, then we do not deserve to call ourselves humans. If we cannot give people the respect that they deserve, then we also do not deserve to get the respect that we deserve.

Working women and the people standing side by side with them must be appreciated at all costs because they are standing against a powerful and unjust system. I completely appreciate and applaud the people who are working and standing against this system. We must stand together to make this world a better place or else we will leave nothing good for the coming generations. We must respect people no matter to what race they belong to or what their gender is.

Author: Rtr Wasiq Masood
Rotaract Club of Faisalabad City Gold
RID 3272

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