At the point when a man cries

At the point when a man cries

I heard someplace that when a man cries. He is nevertheless a fish’s tear. Yet, I believe that when a man cries, he is toward the finish of the experience. 

Something he more likely than not lost, 

something that he never did a lot of take care that it will be kept, 

there will be a fantasy that will be broken from his eyes, 

there will be distress that will have broken the heart and caused the spirit to drain! 

Who says: a man isn’t in torment, a man isn’t constrained, a lady isn’t at fault, here and there a lady contributes to the pulverization of a man!

A man is likewise an individual, not a blessed messenger. 

You should investigate the red coals of a man, who is experiencing melancholy and see 

“How forlorn, a man is in pain “

Author: Rtr Samina Asad

Club: Rotaract Club Of Karachi United

RID#: 3271 | Pakistan

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