Our country claims that women have the right to be free from brutality, harassment and unfairness but in reality, it is just an addition of male egoism. It was really hard to write something about the horrifying incident of a woman ganged rape in front of her children. It was not the first time where a woman has been made a victim of a crime. Millions of women have been raped or faced sexual harassment. They are not safe in schools, colleges, universities, at work and even at home as well. Unfortunately, it is unfair that most of the perpetrators are not held responsible.  

Pakistan gives a terrifying picture when it comes to women harassment. About 3,885 cases of rape and 12,650 cases of kidnapping of women were reported in 2019. Rape culture is penetrating. Rape is allowed to continue when men dominance become strong and women are less valued. It is also underpinned by victim blaming. We should stop blaming the victim; we may forget that the words we use shape our reality. To end this injustice, brutality and harassment, perpetrators must be held accountable. 

Key root cause is the illiteracy, at least by educating the larger crowd we can perhaps prevent by happening this in the society. It is really sad to know that some weird comments from the educated person though. Bigger question still remains open is how can we change the mindset of certain people. This is the most terrible act and at this point we need a permanent solution not even at the country level but rather a much larger unified solution across the world. 

Our state should take immediate action against the perpetrators of crimes. We should speak about the state of women’s safety in Pakistan. We need laws that protect us because the situation of women’s safety in Pakistan is dire. We demand basic rights of safety. 

Proud of my club for coming together for this cause. United we are stronger and our voices become more powerful.  



Laiba Talat Fatima

Rotaract Club of Karachi United

RID 3271 | Pakistan


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