Mind feeding By Afsa Saqib

We water plants so they don’t lose their beauty. And we do this all the time.

Don’t we need to water our mind, soul, and our Aura?

What are we feeding to ourselves other than food?

Let me tell you! Tension, negativity, anxiety, depression, baseless comments, views of shit people, dictations, taunts, judgments, social pressure, insecurities, fears, mispredictions, false hopes, ugliness, dark thoughts, high expectations, overthinking, the past that went wrong, false assumptions, and much more! 

Just think for a second, all these things are consuming us and affecting our mental health, rotting us up from head to toe. We waste time thinking about how to manipulate a person or what is a perfect lie to save oneself or why another person is progressing better than me? And we focus on gossiping and backbiting to satisfy our ego because someone did something terrible to you a few weeks ago! 

We are polluting our inner selves, our pure Aura, which had a beautiful vibrant shade once. Now it’s nothing but a faint shade with no energy. We are not embracing ourselves and we are not ethically treating ourselves. We are giving control of ourselves to others.

For instance, someone said something useful to you. You feel flattered, and without thinking, you started praising that person like that’s it without having a second thought. Whatever he/she is saying is best for us.

Do you know people love controlling other people and dictating them like they own you or something? It’s their addiction. I mean, what is wrong with them? And I’ve been in this type of situation before.

I learned, and I grew. Now I don’t let anyone take control over me. I respect people and their opinions, and those who disrespect me I block them away impulsively. 

Now the real deal is, feed your mind with positivity and right thoughts. Like grab a lovely book, read it out, make a coffee or tea for your family, and enjoy it.

Dance to relieve yourself, discover some outstanding people on Instagram, appreciate them, listen to music, sing out loud, annoy your siblings for no reason, talk to yourself in front of the mirror, make a piece of art, and do fun. If you feel happy and lively by watching Netflix and eating popcorn, then do it.

If you find joy in watching dragon ball Z, but you are an adult, and it makes you happy, watch it. Add physical activity, take care of your body, and eat neat/clean food. Pull yourself out of your dark past, and it’s okay if you made mistakes.

Stop living in despair. Try to find joy in little things. Feed your mind with good things. Set your goals and start working on them. Say sorry to people if you hurt them and forgive the unforgiven, it’ll make you feel so good.

Focus on yourself, be a selfish person for your good, and make mistakes to learn lessons. Hold onto yourself tightly. Seek wisdom, recite Quran, And do the best for yourself even it seems terrible to someone.



Author: Rtr. Afsa Saqib
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (RAC-UAF)

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