Live A Little More

“Have nothing to live for…”

“There’s no reason for me to live…”

There may be many causes behind a death, but only one for your living- that is your willingness to live. And all the causes of death come to this ultimate point of reluctance to live. 

“Nothing to get from this life. So goodbye.”

Why? Just think, now, this is the time to give your life something, time to adorn life. 

Today’s teenagers are so much progressive in all respects, this is good indeed, but not great. We forget to notice the problems arising from it. In this era of speed, they may be unacquainted with the word ‘patience’. Sometimes they may think that hurting oneself is a tricky way to get one’s desired thing from elders or others. Sometimes, the little scolding of parents becomes the cause of committing suicide for a teenager.

Sad but true, there are two types of teenagers, rather two types of mentality. For one, death is a trick, a weapon, and for others, death is the ultimate way to get rid from all adversities. But sadly, no one has faith on the word ‘try’, no one has belief in themselves.

But they are the genius generation of the 21st century. Actually suicidal tendency is not a new one, years after years almost above 60% death happens by committing suicide. But nowadays the rate has increased and most importantly, teenagers who are the blooming hope of future, are prone to suicide, without trying the last resort. Actually there does not exist any problem which has no solution. 

The source of the debacle is depression, because sadness may create a desire for committing suicide, but there will be no courage to commit . But when sadness turns into depression, it reaches a mental condition of the thought – “I have nothing to lose, I have nothing, I am nothing.” ; and in this phase, the dark shadow of suicidal tendency veils the person. 

Actually in the state of sadness, there is still a touch of hope, but depression is the total darkness.

There’s no remedy for this ‘disease’. But some points of fact can be shared.

Firstly, patience is the key word for achieving your goal. In all fields, in all conditions, to fight against any problem, you have to be patient first. Then everything will be gradually sorted out. 

Over ambitiousness is a serious issue behind this. Having ambition, goals is quite important. But when it turns into over ambitiousness, it creates a void of uncertainty and quite possibly it makes the person disappointed and hopeless.

Excessive stubbornness, anger and anxiety – these three have to be avoided. Keep yourself calm and face the Nether world. The peace within your soul can make the hellish fire the light of hope, faith and elevation. 

Try, try and try hard. At the end of the day, you can see that you have reached the pillar of victory. If not, be satisfied that you reach almost near your aim, just can’t touch it. Then take a breath and try again. 

And this effort actually makes a man winner, not the trophy in his hand.

Last but not the least, never lose hope. Never belittle your own value, never forget your dear ones’ smile. 

Live the Life with full vitality, if you think there are no reasons for spring, do one thing. Start finding the reason, you may get tired, may increase doubt on hope, may get irritated, but don’t stop searching.

Whileyou are searching, you can find new hope, new vitality, new flowers blooming in every step. With each try you’ll find something new to explore every new day. 

Author: Rtr Aryama Bhattacharya

Rotaract Club of Calcutta

RID 3291

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