Is Suffering a Curse or Blessing?

 Since man came to in this world, he continuously facing an environment which is challenging to his survival. From birth to death, he endlessly struggle to maintain his entity. During this journey he gets tired of trials and tribulations with which this world is intertwined. The sphere of rejections and dejections leaves him exhausted and he became devastated and disappointed of his life.

         This is very true that there is a lot of suffering and pain in this world. But this is for the purpose too. For example, if iron is malleable, how its property of folding and moulding can be found? yes, it will be through tough process of melting and forging. The same case is with human being, as he is weak naturally, when come across with hardships and barriers, he learns how to face difficult situations and get used to them. This makes him strong and he then does not wary himself about trivial things, That’s how his chances of survival increases.

             Man is naturally made up to face all these challenges so he may know all his attributes and qualities through this process of suffering, and gain the pinnacle of his life. As a result joyness and happiness surely becomes his reward. There is a famous saying: “pain is gain”. The long story short that one shouldn’t give up on his life and spend this beautiful gift with gratitude and optimism. 

             Nothing in this life is perfect. If you make yourself exhausted for the options which is incorrect for you, you will fail in the exam of life. Supreme has written everyone destination with different journey which is called life. To go through this journey one should understand the ways of living it and how to accomplish it. Remember it is not merely a straight path with happiness and ease but crooked with tests of hardships and pain. Instead of spoiling it in whims and desires, give it a purpose and live it peacefully

 Rtr. Nimra Ishaq



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