We all lost, the moment when a girl said “I wish I was a boy”. We all lost, the moment when we started justifying rape with women’s clothing. We all lost, the moment we thought that women’s don’t have any rights! We live in a society where we breed these vile creatures and let them wander around and let them hunt innocent women. We live in a society where we believe if a woman looked at you or accidentally smiled at you that mean you have the right to rape her!

We all have different definitions of feminism, most people stand in favor of this stance that states “men and women are equal” and others stand against this, but one thing remain intact that women should be given their rightful role in this society, they should be given equal opportunities for education and career. They should have the say in making their own decisions.

Men and women are two genders born to play their roles, this world can neither exist without men nor without women, if either one was true there was no need to create two genders. Men are physically strong which make them dominant in few roles, but that masculinity is given to them for protection not to use it to create chaos. Women excel in other parts of life, they are mentally strong and intelligent in making decisions, and they have a superpower to make or destroy a whole new generation.

One question that comes to mind is what went wrong? Where did we make a mistake? Mistake was made when men started using women roles that they are supposed to play as their weakness which in turn gave a nudge to a huge tide of feminism and protests, women asking for their genuine rights.  Due to the abuse on women it started a war of hate between two genders. Women are always looking over their shoulders like they have a target on their backs. They don’t feel safe in their own home. They are being forcefully married to a guy who is twice their age, and we still have the audacity to say it is that woman’s fault.


Author: Rtr.  Nabiha Ahmad

Club: Rotaract Club of University of agriculture Faisalabad

RID – 3272


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