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A king was giving alms in a temple on the eve of his birthday. Then an arch-poor man came and stood in line.

The others who saw him frowned and stood aside. Realizing this, the poor man, who did not like us at all, stood in line and said that we would buy after everyone had donated. Time was running out. All those who came after him received alms because he stood back. Some received alms and mocked him and left laughing.

He opened his mouth and said nothing but with sadness in his mind.  How long do we wait to get even the alms given to everyone? How much struggle? How much slander? What sin did we commit in the past life and do we suffer like this?  That lamented his fate.  He waited until the evening, and sat down on the pool near the temple, looking at the tower and saying in his heart, “Father, Lord… why did you make me born in such a filthy birth?” He took the pool water in his hand and washed his face and sat down tired on the steps.

When the king had finished giving alms, he walked on the steps.  “Have you eaten?” asked the poor man, who was looking at his face in the pool from a distance of ten feet. Unaware that the king was listening, the poor man replied in frustration, as he looked at the pool water without turning his face, “Sir, it’s written in my head that I’m hungry today.”

His answer melted the king’s mind.  On my birthday, we arranged for the donation so that no one in the village would go to bed hungry? An innocent poor man is left like this and he goes near and puts his hand on his shoulder and asks “Excuse me … are you so hungry?”

The king awoke to find the crown on his head, the robe of love, the shower on his forehead, the lust on his face in the pool water. “King… I just sat there not knowing you and answered… I’m sorry” he said. Seeing his nervousness, King laughed out loud. “Come… you are going to have dinner with me and the queen today” he dragged him away without speaking and loaded him into his chariot and hurried to the palace. “Go and take a bath,” he said, giving her one of the new clothes he had bought for himself. He came to bathe and put on his turban. He gave a delicious feast. When he had finished eating, he handed him a jug full of gold coins.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the poor man who had been silent until then. “Why are you crying?” the king asked. “To this day I only thought I was born poor king… It was at this moment that I realized I was a born idiot.” To ask the king why he was saying that “I saw the tower for the first time in my life today and asked the Lord why he kept me like this… He sent you and changed my caption in a few minutes… I have been a fool to this day not realizing that God will give us many times more than we asked for” he cried.

If we do not get one, believe that God is going to give us something far better than average will be fine.

Author: PP. Rtr. Rangeesh

Club: Rotaract Club of Patna City

RID – 3250

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