Addiction in my opinion is one of the most common social stigma now a days. There are so many people who are addicted to something but they don’t even know about this.

Addiction is not related only to use or abuse of drugs or any kind of narcotics. It’s come in many ways that is related to our daily routine life and social behavior.

So, First of all we have to know real meaning of addiction.

Addiction is basically a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive & continued use of drug or anything despite harmful consequences and long last changes in the brain. Addiction basically interfere with normal brain function, particularly in Reward System which release Dopamine chemical with other neurotransmitters that reinforce your brain’s association with certain things and feeling of pleasure, driving you to seek out these things in future.

As addiction develops, it is common to lose interest in hobbies and other usual things you once enjoyed. This happens because your brain no longer produces much dopamine in response to natural triggers, like having sex or making art. Even when you want to stop using a substance  or engaging in any other activity, you might feel like you still need them in order to feel good and pleasurable about anything.

There are various types of Addictions:

Chemical Addiction 

(Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin etc)

Behavioral Addiction 

(Shopping, Pornography, Social Media, Food, Gaming, Smoking, Smart Phone, etc)

Most of the people think that Addiction and Habit are same things but there is a significant difference between the two.

Habit can have both positive and negative impact on someone’s life. However, Addiction only have a negative impact. Habits usually begin with a loop, which is based on a reward system. A trigger for this habit goes off in our brain (Go on Auto-piolet Trip) when we are performing a certain routine work. When our brain find benefit in a particular routine, we tend to do the action over and over again. A habit is much easier to kick than addiction. Addicts want to experience the “feel good” feeling and often become lost without it.

As Johan Hari said:

“Addiction is an adoption. It is not you-it’s the cage you live in.”

So, in the end it is really necessary for all of us to know that aren’t we also in some kind of Addiction? After that we all must get rid of our addictions before they get on all of us and then it’s too late to get rid of them.

“Addiction is really a global stigma which is to be pounder upon and to deal with before it’s too late.”

Author:Muhammad Aasim Ali

Club Name:Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan 
Zone:RID 3272 South Zone

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