Dear me,

You must be going through a tough situation now. I know life isn’t giving what you wished for and did not turned the way you have thought it would be.

I have seen you doing everything your heart wanted to. I have seen you planning for your future. I have seen you wishing to feel every passing moment of your life and loving everyone you have.

I wish I should have been the one to love you. I wish I would have there to encourage you, to appreciate you. I wish I would have been there for you when you needed me the most.

Instead, I left you to watch those you loved, leave, those who made you doubt your worth, for whom you stopped trusting people, who torn you apart from yourself and allowed you to listen the judgements of others.

I am sorry, I failed to stand up for you. I have seen you changing day by day. Yes, you have, but it’s not your fault. I know how big mistake I did for this damage.

However, the challenges which you have gone through previously and the ones you are going to face now is preparing to pull you down. This will hold you from moving forward. It will instill negative thoughts which will engulf you with difficulties every time you look up to find a ray of hope.

While writing this letter, I know your life isn’t figured yet. The time is running way too fast and you are still uncertain about your paths, your directions, your future.

But at the end of the day, I believe these mistakes and experiences are what is going to make you stronger tomorrow.

You will come out blooming from all which have pulled you down. 


Rise, brush up your capabilities and prepare yourself for the future. Life will not stop even though you do. Time will never wait even though you want to hold it for long.

Embrace your imperfections, make them your strengths.

Weave your sensitivities but don’t let it sway away.

Don’t stop yourself from holding on to hope.

Love yourself. Be what you are. Be what you wanted to be, but only for yourself. 

And finally above all, I know and I  believe you can do it and you will surpass this hard time.


Rtr Purva Chakravarty

Rotaract Club Of Calcutta 

RID 3291 

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