Why Parents are so strict in this Modern Era?

Living independently, without restrictions and travelling alone are the motives of new generation. They want to enjoy their life without caring about their parents. Parents don’t care about scorching sunlight; they don’t care how much their health will be affected. 

Whereas the new generation is indulged in smoking, fighting, and much more bad habits. They just want to make their life happy in their own childish and evil ways. 

Parents also notice the surroundings mishaps. These mishaps are in the form of acid attack on a girl walking alone in the street, raped and murdered of a 7-year-old Zainab in Pakistan, 13-year old child raped by two men and the murdered. Parents are worried. They are worried in a sense that their children are not in their grip. Their children are drowned in the very new modern tactics of the unfamiliar and unseen power of blacksheeps.

Parents knew that these blacksheeps are spreading a deadly type of virus which can be in the form of cigarettes, wines, robbery, and uncontrolled drug addiction. The new generation is adopting it so well that they are more likely to be caught.

This is not a positive aspect for a bright future. That’s why parents are so strict belonging from middle class family. Majority of middle-class families are restricting their children to adopt bad habits. 

We know that this strictness is not so much good for a child. We can agree him with love and affection. But it’s the need of hour that these children need restrictions. Time will teach them that parents were right. They know us better than ourselves.

Give them time, obey them, have patience, better reward is waiting for you.

Author: Rtr Habib Sultan 

Rotaract Club of UAF

RID 3272

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