What is life?

Since time immemorial, human beings have been trying to find the actual meaning of life. But no one could find the actual meaning of it. It is because everyone look at  life with their own perspective.

Therefore, it is observed that opinion relating to the mystery of life varies widely from person to person.Everyone has something to say about the meaning of life which they gather through their own experiences.

Many of them compare life to a moving train which leaves behind numerous stations and places until it reaches the final destination. Similarly, our life also moves forward leaving behind innumerable memories as well as incidents before it reaches our final destination, which is eternal sleep. 

But people fail to realise what is the ultimate reason of this long journey of life filled with conflicts, trauma, misunderstandings etc.

The impact of misunderstandings is so destructive that it may destroy almost everything, be it friendship or any relationship. The intensity of misunderstandings is such that it may turn two friendly nations into enemies which may lead to other hazards such as wars, battles of words, that may result in wiping of nations at  large and human beings, in particular.

The magnitude of fighting of wars is such that it may wipe out the entire human civilisation. So, there is one thing that human beings should do and that is enjoy life fully because it’s a wonderful gift of God. 

Therefore, human beings should not destroy life.

Author: Rtr Gitashree Sinha

Rotaract Club of Guwahati East 

RID 3240

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