Do you think money can buy happiness? No, money can never buy true happiness. Being rich doesn’t mean to be happy. Rich people appear to be happy but that happiness is temporary as they are mentally unhappy. To be happy we need mental peace which comes from the hard work we do to achieve our goals. One who dreams of a goal and through hard work succeeds in it and gets the true taste of  happiness.

To get true happiness we always need to pay some price. But many people avoid the endeavour to achieve true happiness for facing a little pain. Those people are always busy with the hectic schedule of their lives and run after profit. They never experience true happiness in their lives. True happiness also lies in helping others, especially the one in need. Without it life  would be like a piece of land without rain. 


Therefore, true happiness is also a need of life for peaceful survival.

Author: Rtr Gitashree Singha Secretary 2020-21 Rotaract Club Guwahati East

RID 3240

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