Success Starts with Self-discipline

Many important qualities can contribute to the individual’s accomplishments and happiness, but there is just one that begets long-term prosperity in all aspects of life: Self-discipline. Whether in terms of your fitness, relationships, study, work, self-discipline is the primary trait needed to achieve goals.

Self-discipline defined as self-control, which makes you internally strong and directs you to control your actions and reactions. It is one of the most significant skills to attain success. It has remarkable value in human lives. In fact, self-discipline is the basis of success for many individuals.

It encourages us to strategize our goals and to differentiate and prioritize essential tasks of our daily lives. It is the self-disciplinarian approach that makes us able to be determined, courageous, motivated, and committed to the fulfillment of our tasks.

I am a strong believer that self-discipline attracts opportunity. I accept that if you make a disciplined effort towards your aims, undoubtedly those exciting opportunities will certainly open up for you.

As it is a proven fact that a disciplined but less illustrious lifestyle can take a person to new heights whereas flamboyant but reckless, undisciplined lifestyle can wreck havoc to a person’s career. The stepping stone to a successful career is nothing but self discipline.

One of the most popular books to deal with the subject of self-discipline is “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck. Peck affirms that life is difficult because it is a series of problems. When we do not know how to resolve these problems, we act poorly in life. To perform rightly, we require tools to solve these problems effectively.

Peck proposes four tools of self-discipline to cope with these problems are: delaying gratification, acceptance of (personal) responsibility, dedication to truth, and balancing.       

Once we get Peck’s recommendations, we can learn the tools of self-discipline, and succeed more skillfully in the remainder of our life.


Author: Waqar Ul Malik Makhdoom

Country: Pakistan

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