Someone has rightly said that the fear of failure is more than the failure itself. Being lonely and not being able to share about it with anyone makes it worse for a soul to cope up with life.

Few days back a young girl of sixteen from my town took her life because she could not fulfil her parent’s expectations of scoring exceptionally well in her 10th board examination.

Her parents couldn’t believe that their daughter is no more. Each of them are praying to rewind the time and to get back to her and ask her how could she even think of taking up such a horrific step.

Well, they can’t change it now but, the way we deal with failure definitely can be changed.

Suicides today accounts for 1.4% of the deaths globally. As per the World Health Organisation, every 40 seconds a person of 15-29 years of age commits suicide. Suicides are more prominent in the middle and lower income countries.

A study reveals that students fail to accept failure. They believe if they fail, will neither be supported nor be accepted by the society. They feel rejected. Unable to deal with the situation they find suicide as their sole rescue.

What is the cause?

Students today are overburdened with class works, projects, assignments, seminars, examinations and extra- curricular activities. Added to this societal acceptance, excessive expectations, cut-throat competition, career tensions, depression and family pressure for good marks have instil a sense of intense fear on the minds of the students. Students now believe if they fail will be declared as failures. 

They fear failure more than the failure itself. In that process it becomes hard for them to decide what is right and what is wrong. They often end up taking wrong steps and the worst being is committing suicide.

What needs to be done?


Acceptance is the key. Parents need to accept that not all children are same. They posses different talents and capacities. An artist or a writer deserves as much respect as a doctor or an engineer. If one creates the society the other makes it a better place to live in.


Motivation plays a dominant role in increasing one’s inner power and provides positive vibes to perform well where they have once failed. Regular motivation by the parents will help them to work harder for their goals.


A little communication with loved ones can heal their breaken hearts, it can shift the direction of change forever. Regular conversations also helps in creating a healthy relationship. Parents must interact with their kids regularly especially when things aren’t going right for their children.


In most countries, children aren’t given the opportunity to opt for the career they really want to go. Parents usually decide their career. This is the main cause of depression among students. Thus they should be provided with the opportunity to choose the subjects they are interested in and the career path they want to follow. This will lead to increase in their inner motivation to work harder for the things they really want to do.


Increase in students’ suicide is not only an alarming call for the parents, but, it also raises a serious question on the state of our mental health. Professional help by counsellors at school, colleges and universities can definitely be a source of great help to the depressed students.

Lastly, let us not idolize success to such a point that any person deviating a successful career seems to us a failure. Failures are very difficult to cope up with when one is not psychologically strong enough. With others’ support and hard work it definitely can be overcomed and the one who overcomes it will be successful in a true sense. Let us realise this before another valuable life is gone!

Author: Rupanjali Devi

Rotaract Club of Greater Tezpur

RID 3240

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