Society as a Teacher

Most of us are aware of the word “society”. But what does it actually stands for? A group of people that wait to give opinions at every instant to make you fall in depression.

Why i am saying that? Because me and you all are the part of this society we have faced this minimum at once. Whenever we try anything this ruthless society never gets happy by our acts.

Whether it is right or wrong they have no concern about the effectiveness of such step but they have concern, they do concern but about what? They concern about your success and criticise you at every moment of life. Criticise? Then how they are in favour of us? Let me explain you.

It’s quite simple apparently they all are against you because you take it as criticism but what actually they are doing is to make you realize that don’t loose hope this will happen again and again. Because criticism is the part of life. The thing is how you tackle it!. 

An example of a boy who was an orphan and had no means to earn bread and butter. He tried to keep this society happy by doing every inferior work but what the society did criticise, criticised on what? That he didn’t worked properly.

Now i ask you all a question do every child working on any pushcart or wheelbarrow have a degree of working so? Of course not this is our “society” who makes him to do so. His parents died did they want to see their child working so? No parent wants to see his child working on a wheelbarrow.

The society which is termed as second mother of any human teaches him so well that by passing hurdles he learns the way to coup up every situation and criticism. But what did this society do with him. Regardless of motivating that orphan, he was beaten, made a slave and was blamed for no reason.

Is this his destiny? Is this his fate? Absolutely not! If that orphan had even a small amount of support he might be Bill gates, Einstein or someone else.

The orphan dealing with hurdles in his life then manages to earn bread and butter but the repute is same because he is an orphan? Its just because of the society. Our ruthless society who criticise every person. A person who does charity works society criticises him too.

And the person with a lot of money in his bank criticises him too. This society never feels satisfied. If that orphan can coup up why can’t 
So ending my views with a simple thing that
“Take this pressure as challenge not as depression” If you do so you are satisfied whether you are a pushcart holder or a software developer. 

As someone said

” You was born poor is not your fault but you remained poor for whole life its your fault.”

So, society is just like a harsh teacher who treats you badly sometimes but takes you higher on sky making you experienced of such hurdles. Depression is not they way to treat yourselves as failures. You all are legends in your lives and live like a legend. 
Society as a Teacher

Because ” Society is like a stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the toap”
(Edward Abbey)

Author: Rtr Waqar Ahmad
Rotaract Club of BZU, Multan
District 3272
6 thoughts on “Society as a Teacher”
  1. Society will not let you breathe neither let you live. But expects greater good from you. Avery pathetic situation

  2. We are still part of this society but we must be strong by emotions and brain so that our life goals do not affect by society and enjoy our success with ourselves beyond criticism.

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