Save Food Save Humanity

Food waste is today’s burning question. Billion tons of food wasted throughout the world every year. So, this is a very alarming situation for the whole world and humanity.

There is some major contributor of food wastage as households, restaurants or related foodservice sector, etc.

According to recent surveys, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food waste is produced globally per year which is equal to one – third of total food production.

And as per some careful estimates, around 36 million tons of food is wasted in Pakistan every year which is stunningly equivalent to everyday Lunches and Dinners of entire populations of Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad.

It is also estimated that 40 percent of food in Pakistan is wasted. So, these facts and Figures are wake – up calls for the whole world.

I think every living body need food for their survival. But today by wasting a lot of food, we are wasting thousands of lives. So, we have to pay heed and must take it a serious issue. Because 


” Food waste is a waste of the whole of humanity.”

So, from this day, we have to promise ourselves not to waste food in our homes, restaurants or anywhere. Can we??? Do comment if you promise. It’s our Duty.

Author: Rtr Muhammad Ahmed 

Rotaract Club of UAF 

RID 3272

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