My childhood friend Priya and I lived in the same apartment on different floors.  I remember the games we played. In particular, in the evening, we used to go to the park with our sports equipments. But we had to return to our house before 5 pm. Every night we waited for the next morning.

We were small, we did not know how to use the phone.  So my dad made a “paper glass phone” for us.  It was not very easy, we lived on the second floor and they lived on the third floor.But Dad was successful.  It became real fun for us.  Pull the rope like a signal and send a voice note of your end and your note starts the journey.

On that side, she can hear the note by putting another glass to her ear.  We were very happy that we could send voice notes to each other like a phone every evening.

I remember, I sometimes fell asleep talking and woke up in the next morning, I used to put my phone on my ears, where there was already a note waiting for me “Good Morning”.  I miss those times a lot.

Author: Rtr Biswajit Barman

President Rotaract Club of Guwahati East

RID 3240

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