The word ‘patriarchy’ basically describes a male-dominated family or society. From evolution to till
now men tend to control women. Women are always pressurized to live their lives according to men’s choices and rules. Does being a woman mean you can’t live your life on your own rules?

“Of all creatures that can feel and think,
We women are the worst treated things alive.” Men are always given privilege in our society. They can do whatever they want to do, they can go wherever they want to go but when it comes to women they are like “I will not allow you to work”, “You can’t go abroad because you are a girl” and much more. Women are always discouraged from reaching their full potential.

Male dominance is a deep-rooted menace in our society that needs to be eradicated. Women have
always been deprived of their basic rights and opportunities. The issues like harassment, rape,
domestic violence, honor killing, son preference, and discrimination in workplace are increasing
day by day.

The point to ponder here is that whose job is to solve these problems? Most of us would say “GOVERNMENT”, but we need to understand the fact that it’s not only the duty of government infact it’s also our duty to protect our women, to support them, to give them their rights. We should end this patriarchy and encourage women to grow and fulfill their dreams.

Women are the strongest creation of God and therefore they should be allowed to live their life to
the fullest and achieve their dreams. They should be able to live without the fear of harassment, discrimination, rape, and violence. In this way this world could become a better place for women
to live.

Author: Rtr. Wania Shoaib
Rotract Club of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
23 thoughts on “Patriarchy”
  1. I agree. If we can't provide protection, safety and rights to our women in our society then no one can. If we are so uncivilized, unethical and shameless that women cannot even walk without fear of getting cat called, harassed or raped then we don't deserve to call ourselves humans. We have fallen to a very low level as society and also as a human beings. Kudos to those who are working to make our society a better place

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