Ever found yourself down by seeing other’s people success. Even those people could be your friends, relatives, and family members. Still, you feel jealous; if someone of them is getting promotions even you are working like him, someone is getting higher marks than you even you are struggling like him, your friend is getting high status or your closed one has got a new car. So they are close enough to you still you cannot be happy for them.

Today I’m not going to discuss those people who have the evil eye, even their loved ones. I’m here to talk about people’s emotions who want to be happy for others but still cannot be. Many people in our surroundings have positive thoughts, love other people, and have a friendly nature, who don’t have an evil eye on others’ happiness. But still, when it comes to their loved one’s success, their friends’ high grades or their relatives get promotions.

They couldn’t manage to show appreciation for them. They want to be happy for them but they couldn’t. They want to clap for them, but they started getting jealous. They try their best to have a positive thought for them, but they just get lost in their mixed thoughts, like I have struggled a lot like my friend to get a higher GPA still I couldn’t get but got.

I have invested a lot of my time and work harder to get a high status, but I couldn’t get it, and my friend achieved.So, just take a deep breath. First of all, gather your all positiveness and remove even a little bit of negative thought for your loved one. Keep this in your mind that you are still a person with good intentions who want to be happy for others.

So stop wasting your time on getting sad and making yourself more negative. Get up, and first of all try to think that what is the thing which is missing in your journey towards success? If I’m working on something, why I didn’t get the success. I worked for this project the whole year, why it didn’t get the highest rank.

So deeply focus that there is something missing in your journey. Maybe you are wasting your time and just working at the last moment to complete your task, or maybe your knowledge is less than those people who gain success. Because these successful people don’t waste their time, even in their free time they are learning something new, which helps them in the future to do their task.

So the thing is to find the actual reason for your failure instead of getting jealous or being sad about the thing which has happened. 

One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others” ____ Robert A. Heinlein

Sometimes it happens that nothing is missing in your struggle still you cannot get what you want, and instead, the person who is less talented got the place. So here is the point where you have to keep yourself positive.

Just keep it in your mind that Allah is with you, and He will always do what is right for you. Just wait for the right time. And before that time learn to appreciate your friend instead of getting jealous. BE HAPPY FOR THEM, CELEBRATE THEM, AND CELEBRATE WITH THEM.

Because nobody succeeds to spite of you. Don’t take their success personally. So just be the one who wants the best for others. The one who wants others smile, the one who wants to see others happy.

The one who celebrates others’ victory like their own. Because no one can steal your success away from you. When your time comes, these people will there for you to celebrate your victory and clap for you.

People will not forget the good you have done for them. And you will then realize why Allah didn’t give you success at that time. 

Showing positivity into others may reap a harvest of connections, good words or otherwise tip the balance toward your good fortune” ____ Bobby Rossi

Always remember that by holding onto a negative mindset, you’re choosing to be unhappy and depressed. So step outside your story and be happy for others, because showing genuine happiness for others brings happiness and comfort in your own life and soul.

Author: Rtr Noor Ul Ain

Rotaract Club of UAF

RID 3272

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