Is Quitting your Life is an opinion, when we are all little broken

We know that suicide is a terrible killer of the young people.It is becoming very common now-a-days especially among teenagers to just quit life and other people of the society think that he/she just got rid all of his problems just quitting his life. Not only this but also that he is so very emotional and couldn’t bear all his little problems, so he committed suicide.

Most of us can hardly imagine the suffering that precedes suicide and the pain left in its wake. When the person who dies is young the devastation is even more profound. People think that even they are also broken so they didn’t ever thought of quitting of life instead they try to solve their problem so why these people are giving up on their lives.

But the actual thing is that we can’t even imagine of the situation of the person who is going through all this depression. Just think for a while that in which situation he would be that he thought of giving up on his life, he couldn’t find a way to live, reason to go out in the society. In what mental state he would be.

Through which depression he will be going. No one realize this. No one ask him what is your problem. Why are you not getting involve in us what is your mental condition, why are you drifting away or why your behavior has changed a lot from few days.

And besides all of this most of the people don’t even consider depression a disease or mental disorder. They just think that it happen to all people many times in a day and it’s quite normal. No it is not that normal.

It is a common and serious medical illness that causes feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities.It can lead to variety of physical and emotional problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home.

So if people in your surroundings or your friends or family members are going through any depression or if their behavior is strange, then ask them the reason, try to cooperate with them. Never leave them thinking that this is just a little problem and he will handle by himself.

And if we talk about the reasons that why people quit their life. Why they lose hope in themselves and in their lives. There are a lot of reasons in today’s world that make people especially teenagers to quit their lives.

The first and very common reason is depression. People who experience a stressful life event may feel an immense sadness and loss, anxiety, anger or hopelessness and may occasionally have thought that they would be better off dead.

Beside this there could be many other problems causing suicide and when they are confronted especially by teens and they feel like out of control, such as: “Divorce, step father or siblings, physical or sexual abuse, emotional neglect, exposure to domestic violence, alcoholism in the home, substance abuse” etc.

So when these problems are confronted by people, if they don’t have any good support networks, they just loss all their hopes to live and to live life.So these are the problems which are happening in our surroundings and may be with our beloved ones.

So never take for granted these people. If someone have a strange behavior never leave him thinking that he will cope with it, instead go and ask him that what is going on with you?  And the one important thing is, if you are asking someone his problem and he starts telling you, then just be quiet and listen to him. Because most of the people have no one around them who could listen to their heart.

They are just quiet all time and have all their problems in their heart. They are unable to tell anyone through which trauma they are going. These people actually need listeners and try to make them talk because they are afraid to tell anything. So just try to solve the problems of your loved ones in any way you could.

So that they could come towards life instead of losing hope in life. And stop making fun of these people who are going through any mental disorder because our little fun can take away their precious lives.

Author: Rtr Noor Ul Ain

Rotaract club of UAF

RID 3272

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