Impact of Social Media on Human Mind

Every step of ours holds the power to influence the world we live in. And by influencing the world I don’t mean creating some online profile and posting some trending pictures and photographs in an effort to build a monetizable “influencer” image.

A person can have a million followers on instagram by posting fake beauty or fashion content, but this only coaxes a bunch of possession-obsessed humans to buy more things than they need, it doesn’t have any impact whatsoever on human progress in the long run – in short, the thing you call today influencing in the world of social media, is actually no influencing.

The term ‘social media’ refers to websites and applications that enable and encourage users to create and share content (e.g. uploading videos to YouTube) or build and maintain social networks. While social networking met with huge enthusiasm among new generation initially, this new social culture seems to have been accepted by all age groups in India.

The rise of internet access speeds and smart phones helped social networking even more and days of considering social applications as waste of time is long gone.

Initially the use of social networking was limited to corporates and businesses for connecting with peers, customers, clients with twitter handle, Facebook accounts or WhatsApp mentioned on business and visiting cards.Social networking has now branched to include friends, family associates and classmates as well.

Social networking offers several opportunities like access to information, videos, extension of social group, ability to express, learning opportunities, seeking and maintaining friends and relatives. A global media survey report on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ presented statistics has shown the 7.3 billion global population worldwide, social networking has 2.3 billion active users which has seen a rise of 176 million just last year …The extensive use of Social Networking however, makes it an interesting study regarding the risks and consequences on the existing youths.

Social networking with the ability to build a mindset anytime anywhere availability has seen impact on privacy as sharing too much, false unnecessary information about themselves , even getting exposed to cybercriminals and most critical of all the increased addiction to Internet .

These tend to inuence the youth for their social, emotional and psychological well-being. Adverse outcomes are seen as increasing exposure to cyber- bullying, unknown persons accessing personal information, online dating, exiting, and sleep deprivation, exposure to unsuitable digital content.

There are various Negative impacts of social media on student knowledge like it Enables copying and cheating when submitting assignments, Grades improve for light users, while heavy users of social media sufferers, college students’ grades dropped, Students going online while studying scored 20% lower on tests.

There are various Impacts on employers like Social networking sites harm employees’ productivity, 51% of users Harm to employment and prospects, Job recruiters check a prospective employee’s social media ac- counts, things like profanity, poor spelling, grammar, racism, and sexism, health references to alcohol, drugs, sexual or religious content .

At last the conclusion that has been reviewed by surveys includes benets of the social networking sites in culture development, building self-identity, developing relationships and acquisition of social, communication, and technical skills, but also the effects at human mindset and human personality.

Author: Rtr. Pearl

Rotaract club of Young Souvenirs

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