Hate is the new trend

Hate is the first emotion which is associated with the sense of reaching adulthood. Sometimes people point out those flaws of you on your face that were once part of your beautiful imperfection and were thought to be charming. Freedom of speech indirectly means you get the right to criticize every person who is different from you. It is absurd to think that everything around you should always be in your favor and according to you.

Let’s jump to social media where hating is cool and discrimination is where we breathe. In today’s world it is so easy to ignore and choose not to see someone you dislike but yet we still choose to spread hate. We are so absorbed in our ignorance that we seem to turn blind eye to every bad comment we’ve ever given to someone just because they refused to fit in a box of society.

Freedom of speech should exist and opinions should matter but why does it seem like that only those opinions matter which are approved by society, why only those opinions seem to matter which don’t live outside these orthodox people’s mind? Why do we feel obliged to leave a hate comment or hate speech about someone even though that someone didn’t hold a gun to your head to watch them?

At the end, people might think leaving a single hate comment doesn’t matter but it does, it matters to you, no matter how many times you deny it but spreading hate will never bring out love in you, it will never let you grow and one day it will become your habit to criticize every single thing in your life.

My advice, if someone doesn’t like something or someone move on and think to oneself that not everything goes accordingly and it never will. 

Author: Rtr. Nabiha Ahmad

Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture

RID: 3272

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