Forget Your Love If You can

Love is the most powerful and strong force. Two souls are attracted toward each other through affection, care, sympathy and love. Promises between them and always ready to do anything for each other. This kind of attitude from both lovers makes the relation stronger.

If you love a person so much, if you care him/her by ignoring your condition. The problems you are facing, the hardships from which you are going through.

You did that silly things because you don’t care about yourself, the thing which matter is “My soulmate is happy nah…!” You don’t even care rather the other person loves you or not. You are living in a fantasy world, where you are not supposed to do anything except loving your soulmate.

But when you are rejected by the other person, you can’t focus on anything. You are pretending to live happily in front of your family. You are smiling by expressions, but internally, you are heartbroken, crying like a newborn baby.

You are not able to believe in the fact that that person rejected you. You are not thinking that which conditions that person is going through, you are not able to do anything. You can’t able to improve the situation. 

Years and Years gone; you started a new life. You tried your best to forget the person who betrayed you. When you moved on, somewhere in your life, you again remembered the time when you loved a person so much and in return you got “Rejection”.

You again step back to that particular part of your life, when you were so childish that you just screwed your life in a lovely manner. You started laughing, and then crying. Because, you still think that that person did that to you due to some sort of pressure.

Somehow, you blamed yourself that why I was so mean that I just care about my own pain and left that person in lurch. 

Someone has rightly said that Pretending to forget someone is the most difficult task. Everyone teaches us how to love, but no one trained us how to forget someone whom you loved so much.

Author: Rtr Habib Sultan

Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

RID 3272

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