A familiar restlessness happen when ever this word comes to our mind. Some weird thoughts, scary dreams. It has its huge territory.

Well! Honestly nobody knows what actually fear is…? But we have it inside us; Somewhere between heart and mind. It is something no one saw but felt it at least once.so, WHAT IS FEAR? Why does it exist; and most importantly how to deal with it? We have a lot of questions left to find out.

FEAR: is described as an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat which eventually results in physiological and behavioral changes; such as: hiding, fleeing, freezing etc. Sometimes it is life threatening as well. With time, fear eventually take drastic form known as “phobia”. 

There are various types of fear. some of which are those we adopt from the experiences such as fear from height (ACROPHOBIA), enclosed spaces (CLAUSTROPHOBIA), water (AQUAPHOBIA) etc.

Most common fears are of DEMONS and GHOSTS- the existence of evil power, needles, spiders, snakes but the most common and dangerous one is fear of FAILURE AND REJECTION.

In today’s world this is something everyone is suffering with. Of course, nobody wants to fail. But then again questions arise; if it is right to have such fears.

There is saying “The Man Whose Blood Is Pure Has Nothing to Fear”. I believe it’s true because it is us only who let our mind control our emotions & actions on the name of fear. If we really want to deal with it all we need is confidence and will power.

Consider it as a boxing match, not always the strongest person wins; the player having strong will power and believe in himself can also win; all you need is to not let fear overcome your will, that’s it if you succeed in that you can knock out all your fears.


Don’t forget it is just a reaction to some past events or memories lying in our subconscious mind. So, now it’s your choice either live a life like a free spirit or a life full of fears because fear will kill you more than a failure. It is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in our way of progress. It is just the dark side before the beautiful sunrise. All we have to do is move forward, stronger and wiser within ourselves.


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