Personality development helps to develop an impressive personality and causes you to stand with the exception of the remainder. It plays an important role in improving one’s communication skills. Personal skills are the essential life skills that need to help for positive well being.  People ought to master the art of expressing their thoughts and feelings in the most desired manner. 

Significance of Personality Development


Many folks still find it difficult to carry the trait within and this vicious circle of lacking confidence may cause keep us distant from our desires. Admiring confidence from others also will enhance our idea towards raising the self-confidence in us. This will increase our confidence levels to find out and exerting on our vision, and that we will succeed.

The level of confidence will always boost us to face the risks and crisis and better manage and persists with the obstacles.


Credibility in the modern era is one of the noticeable personas. A book cannot be judged from its outer cover, in similar way, an individual cannot be judged from their outlooks. So, it is always good to show a credible look by enhancing your potentialities.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are needed everyday which includes interaction with other people in face to face interaction or groups. It also includes the skills and attributes related to the emotional intelligence or being able to understand to manage  own emotions.  We must always be able to discover our own strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership Qualities

Personality development encourages leading and motivating others towards achievement. A good leader will motivate a group in a positive way to reach success with equal perspective on all individuals.

Problem solving capacity is a major character for a leader to make their fellows stronger-mentally and emotionally.

A major point on leadership is “To be an efficient leader, you must be self-ruling yourself and self-motivating yourself ”.

Communication Skills

Most important trait despite other skill is being able to communicate our thoughts and feelings with others. Communication is defined as sharing the information through different form as vocally, written, visually or non-verbally.

The ability to communicate in a coherent way is an important life skill and which should be developed. The information should be very accurate and concise. The verbal and non-verbal skills are appropriate to deal with different people maintaining proper vocabulary, eye contact and language to the individual.

Simple ways to develop your personality

  • Smile with good impression – Greet everyone with a smiling face. You will be perceived for your good impression and manner in the early start of the day.

  • Proper mannerism – Develop good manners, show respect towards elders and higher officials in the office.

  • Be positive – Show positivity towards all the deeds and efforts your make in action. Don’t have negative thoughts on things which you can’t control.

  • Be passionate – Always drive your visions with passion, develop your thoughts and innovations on your ambition and get moving with new ideas and keep focused. 

  • Be compassionate – Be happy to help others and care for them during their crucial times. 

  • Be an active listener – Listen to others to understand them and feel free to console them on their upsets and frustrations. Sharing and caring a little is a positive trait.

  • Praise the one in front of you – Wishing good for others and rewarding them on an achievement or a word of appreciation is always a good personality to develop. 

  • Effective Communication – Communication is one of the other major components of Personality development. 

  • Be bold to face the danger Though the crisis or danger by other ways will teach you lessons towards success. So, be bold to face the cons of life.

  • Exercise and Meditate – This will develop capability to handle and manage stress levels. 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle”

Author: Rtr Piyali Paul

Rotaract Club of Calcutta


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