Education for Awakening

Basic education is important in helping people to get jobs and gainful employment. It is the foremost and basic right of every child.

Millions of lack then the most education, which includes literacy and general level skills. Achieving universal education in a vast, diverse and dynamic nation like India requires due consideration to a plethora of complex factors.

Challenges in implementation of the RTE Act and lack of focus towards quality of education has resulted in country lagging behind on imparting quality education for all sections of its population.  To get quality primary education it is very important to attend good pre -school and primary schools.

In 2009 Parliament Of India introduce Right Of Children to Free  and Compulsory Education Act, which describe the modalities of the importance of free and compulsory education for children between six to fourteen years.

The Article 21-A  provides for the right of children to free and compulsory education till completion of elementary education in a neighborhood school. As many governments stive to strengthen and expand basic education, they also face the challenge of ensuring that the student stay in school long enough to acquire the knowledge and skill to cope in a rapidly changing world. 

In 2014 Padhega Bharat Badhega Bharat  Abhiyan was launched. The objective of the abhiyan was ‘ To enable children to become motivated, independent and engaged readers and writers with comprehension possessing sustainable and lasting reading and writing skills’ and ‘To associate reading and writing with the experience of joy and real life situation’.

Literacy rate are growing fast and people are being educated. Large number of children are going school at the age of 3-4 and women are being encouraged for education and government has launched various schemes for girls education. Education in girls is mainly focused now a days.

They are given equal rights as of men. In 2019 the overall literacy rate of rural India is 64.7% and 79.5% in urban India.

Author: Rtr Vikram Raj Singh

Rotaract Club Of Calcutta 

RID 3291

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