Why Families Must Spend More Time Together?

The most common cause of children moving towards the devilish characteristics is due to less time spent by their parents with them. They are moved to hostels for study and leave their families for study. When they are settled in hostels, they are independent to go anywhere.

Devil is the only companion for them unless they worship The Almighty. They are addicted to drugs, smoking, telling lies, deceiving every person including their own family. Their family is happy that his child is studying day and night to get good grades, but they are not aware of the fact. Children are playing with their families. They are spending their Father’s income without any hesitation.

Their father is sending money at any cost by doing extra duties. He does not care about the scorching sun rays. Their family believe them, they don’t see their child’s hostel and check the routine of their child. When their child came back from hostel, his/her area of interest is completely changed. Sleeping, using mobile phone, playing PUBG is the only routine of that child. When these activities are noted by the parents, they get worried.

But that time is not getting frustrated and worrying, you have to change your child’s daily routine either by love or angry. If you can’t able to change, your child is not in your hands. To hate, to show anger or berating your child doesn’t mean that you don’t love him/her. This attitude can save the whole family’s respect in front of all. This can save you from big troubles in future.

That’s why Seniors said that Families should spend more time together, if children are in hostels for study, their parents should keep an eye on his son/daughter’s activity. 

Author: Rtr Habib Sultan
Rotaract Club of UAF

RID 3272

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