When two people truly love each other.They go to another life, to another world.Where there are only two souls – one his or hers and the other, their partner’s.

They leave the world in which they live with us.They are on the way towards eternity where they live for each other and care for one another.Where one is scared to lose the other and try to please.Where one knows the person is one’s weakness as well strength.

Love makes them levitate and disconnected from this world.

One tries to look beautiful for ‘him’ knowing that whatever she wears, he will love her.While, the other one tries to become a better person being showered in her unconditional love.Love is where both are afraid from that night when it was thundering. But, one from the thunderstorm, and the other in the thought of his love being alone.

Love is where both turn their life toward each other, Where she stops to make him jealous knowing he will be hurt,

And he stops to do anything which she hates.We think their life is beautiful, but actually their life is now completed.Now when I think, how fulfillment looks like, I know it looks beautiful.

Actually they transcend the life of a common man

And move toward a life which has no end.They constantly try to make themselves better for each other.They are now at the world where there is only one girl and she is beautiful and for her there is only one man and he is handsome.Love is where one is ready to bear extreme pain.

And gives birth to his baby and at the same time, he is afraid to touch her.At this stage both are completed by each other.Love completes everyone.Love is a medicine which cures almost everything – every pain of life.

That’s why love has no language love is understood by a lover.

Heart to heart love is not an attraction, it’s not a habit, it is nothing but a blessing:

From the Almighty to His creatures.

Author: Rtr Komal Hamid

Rotaract Club of Lahore.

RID 3272

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