There was a boxer. There was no one to beat him in the area. He had the strength to defeat the enemy in just a few punches. He lived in ignorance.Nowadays nobody comes forward to compete with him!


Even if his opponents tried in many ways they could not bring him down! With good exercise, nutritious food, and adequate sleep, the enemies gathered together to devise something else to bring him down.


They gathered a variety of suggestions.Even if something kills him, he will be spoken of as a role model for the warriors and gain an immortal reputation.So the idea was dropped.


When he tried to present him with bad habits, such as drinking, he tried to reward him with foreign drugs and smashed them in front of them.With no idea of the item, they made a decision. Something has to be done and put him in the race.


So they promised a reward of 10 lakhs to bring him down!A large sum! Yet they were willing to spend more to bring him down.


The news spread like wildfire.It fell on the ears of a young man who was practising a new fight. 10 lakh was declared as prize money but the strength of the player was unknown.


At this juncture, the new young man offered to compete. Many frightened him and advised him not to fight. But he was firm in his decision. The player also agreed to fight with him.The day of the match was announced.


The new young man summoned his close friends. He told them some things to help them. They did not understand why he did so, but they did as he was willing to do anything for his friend’s success. One of them went to the player’s house with fruit and congratulated him on winning the match.


He also happily received them and thanked them.One suddenly asked, “What are you doing?” Breathe like this while talking.


You are like a stone! Get out of the body. “


 “Can I breathe? Am I speaking well?”.


He is confused.Early the next morning, as he was training in the street, another young man protested and bowed to him. Sir, I heard about going to the competition. I am an avid fan of yours.


You too gonna win. No doubt.But isn’t that the speed and strength you had in your race before?  Are you sick? He asked.


“What do all these people hear?”


Now the slightest fear has subsided. The time had come to start the competition. Many came and cheered him on. As he was going upstairs, another young man, a friend of the opposing youth, came with a flower in his hand and greeted him.Hey, you always look like your own iron?” He said goodbye.The player was completely exhausted.


The competition started. Although he started attacking fast the unrelenting exhaustion caused him, the old man fell weak, unable to cope with the onslaught.All came running and praised the young man’s achievement and heroism. But he smiled at the smile of his friends. 


In many people’s lives, an illness that is considered fearful of more than a sickness is what brings down many.


“Be strengthened by thoughts and beliefs! We are physically weak, but we aren’t mentally weak. Don’t be afraid of other people’s words.”


Don’t be weak!


Author: Rtr PP Rangeesh

Rotaract Club of Patna City 

RID 3250

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