Mental health, the most current topic in the country. Everyone’s posting about it, talking about it, asking others to contact them if they need help, telling them to talk to others. 

Because the very famous Bollywood actor- Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. Wikipedia defines ‘suicide’ to be an act of intentionally causing one’s own death. But what it does not define is- Suicide is a MURDER caused by mental harassment.

Why does it always have to take someone to die before we can start talking about mental health, and that how important it is. 

Yes, now we’ll debate over it, talk about, post about it on our social media, drop our numbers, tell others to talk about what they are going through, until finally, this topic becomes ‘old’ or too cliché to be discussed.

What we don’t realize is mental well being is equally important than physical wellness. Currently, more than 300 million people are struggling with depression globally and every person has a different story. 

Depression isn’t something that one just feels; it’s an actual medical condition, in which there is a biochemical abnormality in the brain, with deficiency of some neurotransmitters. So, remember this, before saying “Its just a phase/ Its just a feeling/ You are overreacting/ This will pass/ Don’t overthink”  to a depressed person, because maybe he’s not overreacting and it’s not just a feeling anymore. 

“What can I do in this?”

You may not know but your friend might have some serious suicidal tendencies; or that colleague of yours, who is always smiling and making others laugh may be taking some anti-depressants himself; or the person who you mocked jokingly the other day might have found one more reason to hate himself.

Trust me, it takes nothing to be kind, it takes nothing to ask someone what they are going through, how they are feeling, how things are, are they mentally happy, but it may help with someone their life.

And if you are on the other end, please, just talk. That’s all it takes. TALK. It helps. Either to you parents, friends, colleague, the guy who lives next door, or even a professional. 

You will heal. You will overcome. You are a Warrior.

Author: Aastha Sapra
Rotaract Club of DAV Dental College, Yamunanagar
RID 3080

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