Life in Lockdown
No one ever thought a pandemic would bring such havoc in our lives. Some people are blessed to be here with their loved ones and relaxing in their luxurious and expensive lifestyles posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter ”stuck at homes” ”want to go out” ”quarantine is making me a chef” and whatnot.
Yet there are people who are trying hard to manage their daily bread. There are people who can’t even communicate to their families which has lifted their sorrows and filled their lives with emptiness.There are individuals living far away from their homes and having no source of the allowance. Which is, therefore, affecting their mental health and lifestyles.
There are these daily wagers who went to those big cities to earn more but are latched in four walls whereas in India some people don’t even have these four walls to feel secured. They are in the cities full of unknown faces and unkind hearts just to earn some wealth and respect.
Being in this situation they have none and nothing to live for. Government is trying hard to provide them with basic food supplies but they don’t have enough gas supply to cook food. The strategies government are notifying will take time to implement and till then these people will suffer; suffer till death. And now let’s just have a look at the business persons who are struggling to give salary to their labours and attempting their best to live an amiable life. This Is often said crisis make you learn more than your comfort and I must say people are attempting promising efforts on it. 
Keeping in mind, people are getting their long lost talents by expressing them through paintings, poetry and utilizing the best out of them. Which is making them feel accomplished because of this pandemic they are able to meet themselves and their essence. Looking at the positive aspects of life and this lockdown it’s making people close to their families and especially making them learn about their importance. every human in our life comes for a reason and teaches a good lesson which is often for our betterment and this situation will definitely enlighten them with their best insights and understandings. 
Crisis either causes regress or progress you need to decide what you choose for yourself. Muck yourself to come out of this lockdown being the old. This is the best time to formulate yourself and your goals. You have plenty of time to think; think about yourself and your life what you want to be and how you can achieve that. And when you acquire your skills think of committing them to work in your favour.
During this time we are locked in our homes but our minds are open to thoughts of progress and prosperity. Desire for what you want and what you need in spite of thinking about negatives take-up your positives and let them work for you. All your dreams can come true if you have the potential and believe in yourself no pandemic can stop you to achieve something for which you strive.Having said that I have something which can help you to come out of this being a positive person.
Find yourself a good online workshop or course which will help you to develop your skills, say no to laziness boost up your mind and get up to do something creative, set certain routines and time tables with which you can track your advancement, stay active on social media talk to your pals and family members, know when to unplug yourself from the fake world and extensively crucial thing to do is practice positive attitude say this to yourself, everything happens for a reason and this is happening for a big one know the value of this juncture and be grateful for what you have.
Author: Rtr. Yashpriya
RAC Yamunanagar 
RID 3080

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