Happy World Cousins Day
We all have a memory. We all have an unforgettable event which is happened in the past. Some give you everlasting happiness, and some left you to heart broken. But we all want to live with happiness if we have some sort of dejection.

Sometimes you feel happy when you spend time with your friends. You feel blessed when you spend time with your family. But the most unforgettable time you spend is with your little cousins who are craziest, cunning, naughty, mad, and sometimes when they behave violently.

You feel annoyed when they teased you, but when they are young, you feel a little upset that that time was very unforgettable when these kids annoyed me, they throw cushions on me when I was doing my work. When I was sleeping, they make some cartoons on my face and make me a mouse. You have tears in your eyes when you have a flashback about these cousins. 

That was what I actually feel about my little bunnies. Now coming to my favorite and unforgettable moment with my cousin is when we were in our village. There was a joint family system in our area. It was a winter morning; I was a bit tired and didn’t sleep well at night. So, I told my mother that please don’t disturb me, when I woke up, I will have my breakfast. That day was unlucky for me.

My cute, dimple queen cousin named Maheen came into my room and started to sing a song at a much louder voice. I was angry and stare at her with anger. Her eyes were welled up with tears. At that time, I couldn’t bear the pain which I see in her eyes.

I forget my own headache, and stand up and hug her tightly. She was trying to run outside because she was not in a mood to talk with me. She was sad, angry, and crying. But I tried my best to make her happy. At last, I succeeded. That day was a very happiest day of my life.

If you also have an experience of this, do comment at the end. And give him/her best wishes for life. 

Author: Rtr Habib Sultan 

Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

RID 3272

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  1. I still enjoy my cousin's company the most. They sometimes cover your devilish acts too in front of your Parents ??

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