Nowadays, we have seen people especially women calling themselves feminists and carrying out movements under the name. But what is actually feminism and why is it enforced in the society?
Feminism- The True Meaning

“Feminism is basically represented by social and political movements and enforcing the ideologies that focus to express and explain, implement and attain equality among all sexes.”

The individuals who aim to represent feminism are called feminists. In 1837, Charles Fourier who was a utopian socialist and a French philosopher coined this term. The modern Western feminism movement are divided into four waves which dealt with different problems faced by sexes, especially women. As claimed by stats, 18% of Americans and 7% Britons call themselves feminists and 85% Americans and 83% Britons believe in equality of women.

People often misinterpret feminism as superiority of women and hatred towards men which actually have a separate term called pseudo feminism and misandry respectively. Feminism is incorporated to bring equality and prosperity to all regardless of any gender, colour or race.
Feminism- The True Meaning

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the famous feminists respected and remembered for the work she had done for impartiality. One should never forget that every individual whether it’s a he or she, they all are allowed to breath, dream and dare to accomplish their dreams. Contributions lift up the country to function better both economically as well as culturally.

Author: Svetlana Singh
Rotaract Club DAV (C) Dental
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