Faith Kills the Sensitivity

Anxiety and depression are not only the words; they have deep meaning in their own which describes human disability to combat the situation. A large number of people take these terms as a disease and start finding its cure in medicines, although, the fact is it isn’t a disease, it’s a disorder that can never be cured through medicine. 

Often, we humans witness highly criticism when there’s a clash of thoughts, ideology, concepts, or minds, but only a few can manage this havoc and most of them indulged in a deep depression or anxiety which keeps on pushing them towards the trauma. 

The scientist defined the depression in two terms, the first one is Exogenous, and the second one is Endogenous. Exogenous kind of depression is connected with the external factors of human life which resist the person to come out from the moment that he had regret, and according to statistics the 70% of the people in the world face this kind of depression. 

On the other hand, the Endogenous part of depression belongs to the internal factor of the human body. According to psychotherapists, there is a genetic and biological problem in the human body that causes endogenous depression and according to the data, only 30% of people face this disorder. 

In this respect, medical science refers to the few methods of treatment for exogenous depression but it’s not 100% sure that it would cure completely. For combating the fist type, the doctors refer, some kind of Drugs in which priority is given to the (SSRIs) Drug, and Psychotherapy is also suggested in this manner. 

Furthermore, the second part of the disorder is critical but somehow it could be cured through the medicine which psychotherapists recommended for Clinical Applications, that antidepressants are the most effective treatment for this kind of depression.  

As far as concerned with the reasons, so there are more than hundreds of factors that become the reason for sensitivity but the main factor as I concluded through research that is a weak believing system. We all have a belief system in ourselves that realizes that whatever is happening has a reason and it is our test.

But what happened when you don’t have any kind of belief, you think you are helpless and this negative idea pushes you downwards and forced you to leave and give up, and once you give up you can never overcome this, because you have left the battleground in your own, and in the end, you lost the war of life.

According to the research conducted by the psychotherapists, that the people who have higher sentiments of belief they have lesser suicide numbers according to the data such as Catholics in the Christians has less number of committing suicide rather than Protestants who are also Christians but their suicide rate is much higher than the Catholics, the fact is, Protestants are liberals and have lesson sentiments of religion and most of them are atheist as well. 

Interestingly, the recent example of committing suicide is one of the renowned, rich, handsome and one of the most popular Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput proved this factor that wealth does not matter when you don’t have faith because only the positive believe can kill the depression. 

Thoughtfully, religion is the only thing that brings faith and positive behavior in humans because it talks about everything that fulfills the human’s internal needs.     

To sum up, no human in the world who doesn’t face the difficulties in life but the winner is those who fight faithfully and believe for the betterment and come forward like a Yo-yo that bounces back with the double speed.

Author: Ali Raza

Rotaract Club Of Qasimabad

RID 3271

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