Climate Changes A Real Threat

Climate change is a burning issue nowadays as it seriously impacts the world at vast and various scales. Basically, climate change is an impulsive change in weather patterns, topography due to the radiation of sun and cause tsunamis, volcanic eruption and also affects the man-made appliances etc.

Climate change smashes the security of whole world and also whole planet. It may intimidate public welfare, economic and political stability, technology, ecosystem and social system of a country as it endangers issues like poverty, political uncertainty, environmental deterioration and social problems.

 According to former President of the USA, Barack H. Obama,

“Climate change is no longer some far-off problems; it is happening here, it is happening now.”

Climate change can severely affect the human and their needs such as it influences the Agriculture sector, detrimental to ecosystem, health issue, disasters and varying topography etc. 

Christine Figures said,

“Climate change increasingly poses one of the biggest long-term threats to investment.”

      The main reason of today’s Climate change is human being and man-made things like machines. So, being a human, it is very shameful and disgraceful to me that I am also continuously contaminate my surroundings with my actions.

At the end, we should start paying more heed to real threats that imperil our whole community in the shape of environmental destruction and natural calamities. The time has come for taking initiative to protect and conserve our surroundings and preserve the natural beauty of our habitat and our globe clean and green.

” We have to wake up to fierce urgency of the now.”

          (Jim Yong Kim)

Author: Rtr Muhammad Ahmad

Rotaract Club of UAF

RID 3272

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