"Call of Duty - There's a soldier in all of us."

I am not recalling the online game “Call of Duty”, I am commemorating the Brave Captain of Special Service Group of Pakistan, who heroically fought against terrorists in October 2016. He was the Savior of 200 recruit hostages. The militants who entered the academy’s building. 

Abdullah, one of the survivors of the deadliest attack while remembering Ruhiullah, says he can never forget the deceased captain who gave a new life to him and others like him who were trapped inside the building.

Captain Ruhiullah was part of Special Rescue Squad dispatched to respond to the militant’s attack. Abdullah said along with the other recruits who were hiding in the room to mark themselves safe from the attack. A man entered the room and shrieking that “Are you Recruits?” They think that he is also terrorist. Figuring out the fear and terror in the room, Captain identified himself as an SSG soldier. All said instantaneously, “Yes We are”. When Captain Ruhiullah was taking out all the recruits he saw a terrorist hiding under the bed. He moved the bed with his leg. The terrorist was going to blow himself with the bomb, Ruhiullah jumped on the terrorist, saving the lives of recruits without caring himself. 

Captain Ruhiullah was awarded by Tamgha-e-Jurratt (Medal of Courage) due to his remarkable and unforgettable achievements. 

Ruhiullah updated his last profile picture on 11th of October with a message saying “Call of Duty – There’s a soldier in all of us.”

Author: Rtr. Habib Sultan

Rotaract Club of UAF Pakistan


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