An Endless Travel about Life

My Happy Review:

As a human, a very special living, we enjoy this creation through learning and rejoicing. When it goes on a smooth path, suddenly there will be a pause – problems, in that case, we need to think and react very carefully. Life is a journey that comes with your expressions as


A life, Shone one answer that shattered several questions

We, the human living, have borne like a seed, then we raise a bud, so that made to flourish a blooming flower, we realize we bear fruit, then you give birth to a new generation of a prince or a princess seeding.

Life shows its way but we never realize the fact of what the mistake had done before. I thought this living will tease, curse, and sometimes it may hurt you a lot which cannot be diagnosed. 


Here I found my fault that is this is the world of Reality. It has certain values, I’m lucky to watch those happenings as my experiments of experience as I’m living in a world of innocence. Now, I’m the loser for finding them late, but not losing my hope to go beyond this presence because every second will give suspense by a person or a thing that changes your moment, unknowingly.


As we love more on exploration, we find new things; to see, to listen, to smell, to taste & to feel the essence of this living. You can take this act as a fact it works.

You can be the lover of your arts and science and even in mathematics, but did you know, there is another thing called History, without it these characters cannot be found as an existence. 

I have a two-wheeler, and ride to near distance, sometimes useful for my physical strength – to face water scarcity, to attend class; typewriting, then at last used for myself, a bit of happiness that I learned little. I never hesitate in riding, because I love to roam for a good start.


In a change, we shifted to tempo for several reasons, it was a new experience and I enjoyed the sleepless nights. It was used once but felt like it happened yesterday. From that moment I wished to take a chance to ride from my side. I am waiting to learn, tempting to love and live thy moment which can be able to fight against depressions.


I observed people, the way they traveled in a four-wheeled vehicle; it has their own style and thus it makes a very big difference. I thought this was made just by a product and the sound of moving, it makes clear identification of that particular product. Finally, my judgment became wrong.


The right thing is the way a person is handling and makes it clear on how they are moving, at that particular pause, while taking each turn including the time on every calculation matches especially landing position even in Reverse. 


It was really mind-blowing, hearing that this could be a difficult task when it comes to “DRIVING LICENSE”. It matters how they take each situation when you are driving on four wheels.  This is a great challenge – testing yourself and other people’s patience. Anything it can be; bus, van, load van/ tempo, caravan, or the other you may find the other people’s judgment as well as yourself too. You need to just think from a different perspective that “I am having the license because of this – patience”, the patience words of experience. This is one of the major elements of CONTROL.


Every controller is the brain of the transport. Without them, it is of no use.  He/she is the controller of every part of the system including when, as you find them in the front seat. Think it in a new way like, “you are the brain, you are controlling the nerves on each system, mainly Accelerator, Break and the Clutch; pushing them to front and back gear; rotating thin wheel for the direction – steering wheels, stay alert by others, as giving a warn – the indicator, mirrors of beauty, please be extra alert it’s for your own safety – three corners for the front and both side mirrors, etc. which made a wonderful expression to me as, ‘Oh! What a beautiful structure’….”


Travel is a kind of dedication, determination, and devotion to the giver and the receiver.  It depends upon not only the number of places you see but the places that find its real existence.   In my opinion, “Love for everything and Love for everything”, mostly in migration we ought to feel that we are going to learn something but it will fade very soon, which we never noticed – it runs very fast. We will realize the fact when you are outdoors to roam over.  Rides give rejoice – happiness; whether it’s a journey, or a voyage it brings out excitement, a thrilling moment and it is expelled out through a big SMILE.

“When you roam, you love more”

Author: Hemavathy A

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