A Letter to my Lost Best Friend
My Dear Best Friend,
Somewhere in the darkest of skies where my own stars were in a mood of rebellion, there was an idiot with me with the world’s ugliest smile on his face. In his presence, I found the peace essential that I lost in the coruscating lights and heavily muffled sounds of the city. Whenever I saw that face it gave me a sense of completion, satisfaction that in this world full of betrayal I found someone who was mine and that was you.
So this letter is for you and I hope when you will read this letter you will be fine with my favourite smile on your face. Please don’t misinterpret this letter as a message that I want you back it is just something I didn’t tell you in that incomplete goodbye……
You know I tried a thousand times to forget all your love, support, the way your mother loved me more than you ,the way the last two benches of our class became our house for a whole year, the same jokes we used to crack a thousand times in a day and the way we laughed at them all the thousand times. I could neither forget how you used to stand for me even when the class left because I could never find my phone on time nor the way you were with me on that night when I cried, expressed my stupid feelings despite of your exam tomorrow. I don’t know why that nickname of mine was always with me and the balance of 10 rupees in our notebooks.
Sometimes, I think isn’t it crazy how I feel so much but can’t say a word; it’s like I am screaming inside but I can’t even be heard. I never knew tears are easier to swallow than the fear of losing you. And in the end nobody was to be blamed because we were all just humans drunk on the idea that friendship and only friendship could heal our brokenness.
See where our friendship brought us to all the empty laughter; broken feelings; Withhold emotions, our inner strength worn and tired meeting new people making them friends sharing our emotions with them but somewhere in my heart I believe that the way I miss you, somewhere in another corner of this world you will be missing me or maybe not as you always said that I am a fool I believe on wrong things.
So this time when you find this letter don’t cry because it can’t work or don’t laugh on me that I was so stupid to write all this; just keep me in your best memories so that when you remind of me or the idea of us, you smile the ugliest smile of this world on your silliest face.
And yes, don’t forget to tell your children our stories that how two strangers became best friends but please never tell them we went through all that pain, misunderstandings and lack of conversations to just become strangers again because that story will definitely break the belief of their gentle hearts from the divine concept of friendship.
Lots and lots of love ;
Your may or may not best friend.
Author: Rtr Aditi Chaurasia
Rotaract Club of Bombay Filmcity
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