Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already strong; it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. G.D. Anderson 

We all know what is the situation of women is in the overall world, especially in India. We notice how women struggle to find their voice and keep relevant in this misogynistic society. 

That calling for a women’s movement for feminism to start. As women are force for change.

The true meaning of feminism acknowledging each other and treats as equals irrespective of gender. That has been made confusing for so many people. 

Feminism is nowhere to be seen. We witness different kinds of crimes that happen against women. We try to fight against it with full potential. We observe men exploiting women.

All this is too much to take. Above that, I have also observed that women are not supporting their tribe. 

We see how one woman tries to pull other women down. There are also some cases where women do that for male attention. So, they can get what they want. These are things that help men to overpower us.

We already suffer so much because of society and patriarchy; we never needed the idea of fighting one woman against other women

The feelings of envy, jealousy, and better looks are so pity to make your whole life around it. Some women act like that. It is just disgusting. 

It also gives men one more point to not treat women right. They try to put one woman against another woman and enjoy drama. In the end, they can blame us all for it. So, they can put up with their shitty behavior.

Moreover, there are some women out there who misuse the concept of feminism for their own favor. It is the wrong way. Both men and women exploit the term feminism.

I think women must support each other. It is necessary for society. Then see what the world has against us and change it in our favor. 

Recognizing each other’s power will be the strongest sword with which we can fight.

Author: Rtr. Priya Singla 

Club: Rotaract Club of Young Souvenirs 

RID# 3011

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