When I am asked the reason for approaching an MBA after Bachelor in Engineering then my only answer is—to rise my career. Once a graduate completed his engineering, he knows only to solve problems in scientific methodology but with business skills, he may know the cool solution by interaction with international professionals and by following their trends. MBA is a platform which can help you know your worth and give you a demanding career.

My exposure level would increase from ground to sky by stepping in the business world. An engineer with a technical background can tackle the corporate world more efficiently and can productively sell his profile with more pace by having business knowledge.  To plateau the graph of professional skills, I have to gain management skills.  

Here are progress milestones which I can achieve by MBA:

  • Climbing on Managerial Ladder:By this, career growth will be accelerated as there is a painful growth rate of an engineer without management skills

  • Career Transition:Able to use existing technical skills as well as open doors to the new career of management and entrepreneurship

  • Job Diversity:To break from technical mould, and blend seamlessly into mainstream management roles, makes good sense for being professional

  • Personality Development: Interpersonal skills, presentations, self-branding, and convincing power is achieved by doing an MBA

  • Self-Employment: I am a science student with the flair of arts. I have entrepreneurial ideas regarding my business in the electronics industry which are supported by this platform

In a word, to be a legend in your field—whatever it may be—you must have management, creative and administrative skills to cope with the innovative projects and career demands which can only be possible by business education.
Shoaib Abid

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