“The Anniversary”
The Anniversary
The night was romantic; the weather cool, a soft music was heard. The music said something which had been untold for years. In the distance I could see a light; it was like a sparkling star in the darkest night. The clock showed 12 am, I got up from my bed. Following the light, I could see him standing with a guitar.

He had worn a black suit and a grey cap. The light was dim and I couldn’t see his face clearly. But, I could say one thing that he looked perfectly handsome, exactly like how he looked on our first date. He had been the same old Ashis. Suddenly, the alarm clock starts ringing and I woke up. It was a dream.
Down the stairs was he, waiting for me in our drawing-room, sitting on an antique chair and looking at me admiringly, he has worn a black suit and a grey cap, perhaps he didn’t want me to see him hairless. Tears rolled down my cheeks, how I tell you my love that I love the way you are even if you are bald. Even the photograph has grown older but still, you look like my old hero, the love of my life.

You promised me that we would never be a part, you promised never to break up with me, then how could you leave this entire world without me, Isn’t that a breakup? I spent ten long years without you and there wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t think of you. You are in every part of my life, you are in my memories, and you will remain in me till my last breath.
Suddenly, the doorbell rings, “Ma’am your cake is ready”, the delivery boy handed me our 50th-anniversary cake.

Author: Rtr Rupanjali Devi
RAC Greater Tezpur

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