Technology affects people all over the world.Advances in technology have made our countries safer and our lives easier and this is evident during this period of COVID-19.  It has also negatively affected our lives as well. Technology has brought us online banking, smart cars, smart TVs, smart applications that can help us track our health and the virtual reality. As well, it has also come along with negative effects like cyber warfare, hackers, identity theft, cyber stalking, and a lot of other bad things.
The society has been changed with the evolution of technology. Life was burdening and everyday chores consumed too much of our time, everything was performed manually before the advent of modern day technology. The access to education, medicine, industry, transportation etc. has been simplified due to development in modern day technology. Due to the convenience and efficiency provided by technology, our lives have improved.
Information technology gives a new face to traditional libraries that include both digital collections and traditional, fixed media collections. We know that traditional libraries are limited by its storage space, but the digital information requires little space to contain information, so digital libraries have the potential to store more documents which can also be referred to as big data. The use of information technology in digital libraries that will increase the number of users and the expectations of the users.
Technology has also brought about increased efficiency in production and quality of goods in the manufacturing sector. Development is closely related with technology and the stage of evolution at which the human being has arrived couldn’t have been possible without the advancement in technology.
Agriculture, industry, health, education, art professions, political processes, recreation, religious activities and daily life activities all are under the influence of technology now. There are some modern technological developments that play a major role in making our daily life more effective. For example in day to day lives, most activities are run using technology since the health doctors advise us to STAY HOME. Most businesses are now run on social platforms, some doctors are tracking their patients’ health using online applications. Technological progress has provided us with advancements that equally determine whether we move forward or backwards as well. It has enabled us to increase our comfort and to achieve efficiency in all sectors of life.
Despite the cons of technology, we can achieve development, with it. We can modernize our industry so life becomes easier for us and the next generations through the developed technologies.  Coronavirus might take some good time to disappear from the face of the earth so most businesses and other activities are going to be performed using technology which will help boost it. Thus making it better than ever
Namatovu Angella, 
RCT Kampala Ssese Islands

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