Student and Politics in India | Role of Student Politics

Students and Politics in India is a burning topic of today. Nowadays, the role of student politics in India is more crucial than ever. 

There is a diversity of opinion as to whether students should take part in politics or not. According to many, they should participate. Others argue that they should not join politics.  

The British imprison India for almost 200 years. All leaders wanted the student fraternity to join politics. They even asked students to leave colleges and schools under British rule. 

Leaders thought that students could have no proper education and awareness of rights under British rule. After that, students responded by taking part in the struggle for independence. 

Mostarda Surya Sen’s famous Chittagong stroke was along with his students. Netaji Subhash ch Bose himself joined politics at a very early age. At last, student moment succeeded for the independence of India on 15 August 1947. 

But today’s India is quite different. We have achieved freedom. But we lost traditional upbringing, culture, and enthusiasm. 

One opinion for students is to leave politics. The only tagline is to study hard, build up a career, be successful in their personal and professional life. 

But if any of them is neglect, for the future far greater than life, he will lose both ends. 

If a student confines himself to classrooms, books, and exams, only he becomes a narrow-minded bug. Such pupils can not keep abreast of the progress of the world of the day. Therefore, they should not be completely cut-off from politics.

Another conception that students should join politics from early childhood. If they do not meet with famous political leaders, they will not acquire the necessary political knowledge and methods. 

And if they do so, they won’t be able to help their country. Some careful people considered this. But to be very honest to say none of them is defect free.  

It is not advisable to participate too much in politics. The student’s life will be in danger. Student politics has become a trend in colleges and universities. The unhealthy influence of political party can kill the goodness and nobility. 

Some professional political activists influence students badly. They brainwash students and then convince their minds about student politics. 

Students will not see the color of truth and judgment. As a result, innocent students become a toy to student politics.   

So as of my thinking, the student should complete his study first. Then, secure a healthy job. After that, he may take part in politics. The student needs to find a perfect balance.

The record of dreadful events that happened in the long past is not history. Our students must think about the present first then about the future. 

In conclusion, a student can join politics but after fulfilling his duties of student life.

Author: Rtr. Snigdhadeb Guha

Club: RAC Geetanjali Kolkata 


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  1. Students should restrain themselves from politics as currently parents pay heavy fees and after what you joined politics during student life and there is a very less chance to grow in it or to win a big seat.

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