Yes, I am a woman with lot of mood swings; hard to handle harder at being understood but where I am at the fault isn’t these periods reason of your birth; isn’t these stains on my pant which you find impure the basis of your existence. God gifted me mood swings and pain for my life for you and if you can’t even understand then you don’t deserve me.

Yes I am a woman daughter of my father, pride of my family , a loving wife and a proud mother. But does these responsibilities makes me unworthy? unworthy to be a CEO? unworthy to live my life? to see some dreams and to pursue them?

Yes I am a woman who loves to dress; loves to apply make up and loves to dance. I love to wear a saree or a mini skirt but is this a license for you to rape me, to award me with a character certificate or some drops of acid. My breasts don’t appeal nor my thighs do but yes my existence deserves respect. Neither my body nor my soul craves for attention but yes my own self deserves respect.

YES! I am a woman filled with imperfections, unfulfilled dreams and incomplete desires. Not because I wasn’t able to but because the length of my clothes already decided my character. Women who is the only cause of your existence, can’t describe  pain because she has tantrums and flags of feminism in her voice, the voice which was of her heart is somewhere lost in the noise of your domination.

So the next time you see the blood stains on my clothes rather than laughing try to respect. So the next time you see me angry rather than gossiping try to understand and if the next time I share my tears with you try to grasp a little.

At last, I will request, because being a women may be i can’t order so yes its my request that please the stains of my periods on my clothes don’t let them be the stains on my existence; don’t let them be the stains on my soul.

Author: Aditi Chaurasia

Rotaract Club of Bombay Filmcity

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